About the Fearless Training Program

The Fearless Training Program was created by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, as a way to retrain our habitual patterns in the middle of uncertainty.

The program is designed to help you:

  • Cultivate fearlessness with anything you experience
  • Push into uncertainty with joy and deep purpose
  • Shift habitual patterns around stress & distraction

We’ll train you to shift your patterns so you can pursue your meaningful mission, to change the world, to push into the uncertainty and discomfort of creating something amazing.

Join Our Mission to Transform a Million Lives

Over the next few years, we are on a mission to:

Create the best training program in the world for changing your habitual patterns around procrastination, busyness, stress, frustration, and especially uncertainty. 

To help people – including you – transform their lives, creating joy and openness in the middle of chaos. 

Here’s how you can join the mission: 

  1. Join the training program and commit to doing the training
  2. We’ll send you training instructions & tips each month in article & video form
  3. You’ll put the training into action, and then give us feedback to help us to learn how to make the training better and better

We’ll help you on this journey, which will transform your life.

Who You Are

We are looking for people who are ready to commit to the training, who will be fired up about the training. That’s you.

You are:

  1. A person who cares deeply about your mission and the people you are serving.
  2. Someone creating something in the world: a business, an app, a book, music, change in communities, a service while leading a team, etc.
  3. Someone who takes action, and won’t just sign up and not do the training.
  4. Someone who is willing to cultivate mindfulness, an open heart, and fierce courage through practice.
  5. A person willing to invest time, money, energy and determined focus on making changes with gratitude, to serve people better.

You deeply want:

  1. Impact: You want to make a difference in the world, to serve others powerfully, to pursue your meaningful mission, to find focus and be as effective as you can.
  2. Peace: You want to bring a sense of mindfulness, calm and order to your chaotic, overwhelming, busy day. You want a life of greater simplicity.
  3. Connection: You want to create a small number of deep, intimate connections, including creating more intimacy and depth with your partner (or future partner).

We are going to create this together. We’re going to create art together, to serve the world.

Who Leo Is

I am fiercely loyal to you, determined to serve you as deeply as I can.

I am someone who has changed his own life, one step at a time, and then used what I learned to help others change theirs. I teach mindfulness, simplicity, and contentment.

I stand for what you want to create in this world, I stand for who you care deeply about, I stand for the service you offer the world.

I am committed to working with you to create powerful change, to learning along the way and admitting my mistakes, and helping you find compassion for yourself when you make mistakes.

I am excited about this difficult, transformative, joyful training we’re going to do together. 

How the Training Program Works

What will you do if you sign up for this program? You’ll be training in the uncertainty of doing meaningful work.

The training consists of:

  1. Getting clear on what your meaningful work is (even if it’s diving into mindfulness or health for yourself)
  2. Getting clear on who you’re devoted to — your big Why
  3. Creating structure for practicing with the uncertainty of doing this work — including working in monthly goals/focuses with weekly check-ins
  4. Creating accountability using a community we’ve formed on Slack (including small teams of members supporting each other)
  5. Daily training sessions and weekly reviews
  6. Training content from me (articles, videos, calls, guided meditations, depending on what level you sign up for), and
  7. Support from me and others on the Slack community

Join us. Be a part of this mission, do the training, and change the world.