The Fearless Training
Program is Ending

We've Created Something New

You Are Ready to Train

You have worked hard to grow in your life, your work, your heart.

You have something you’d like to create: a business, a career, a book, a change in the world.

You’re now ready to train fearlessly in uncertainty and take yourself beyond old habitual patterns to the next level.

You Care Deeply

Your love for the people you serve is greater than your discomfort. They are worth the hard work of training.

We are committed to our mission to help you (and a million others) change your life through this program.

And Yet, You Sometimes Struggle

You want to be more disciplined, and yet you struggle with distraction & procrastination.

You want to push through fear that is holding you back, through daily training.

You want to live a life of purpose, but struggle with doubt, indecision, busyness.

The Training Program

This is a program created by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, to help you train in the uncertainty of your meaningful work.
We are committed to helping you shift your habitual patterns that arise as you do this purposeful work.

Mindfulness practices

You’ll get good at being in the middle of uncertainty with daily training.

Small Teams

You’ll receive powerful support and accountability from your team members.

Proven Methods

We’ve trained hundreds of people in these techniques and have seen powerful results.

Training videos

Train along with Leo’s videos daily, to guide your practices.

The warrior's Journey

Doable mini-missions will take you along the path we’ve laid out for you.

Guidance from Leo

Get your questions answered, help with your struggles, and adjustments as needed.

Proven Results

The Outcomes

We are not attached to outcomes — this program is about the training process. But we have seen some pretty phenomenal outcomes from people who train with devotion.


Increase awareness in the patterns and narratives that cause you difficulty, so that you can begin to shift them


You might still feel fear, but it no longer holds you back, it’s just a part of the joyful experience of meaningful work.


Most of us are harsh on ourselves for falling short — with practice, you get the daily love that you’ve needed.


You’ll prove to yourself through this training that you can overcome fear and see your inner goodness.


Start creating the impact on the world you’ve been craving, by actually creating on a regular basis.


Start letting go of your limiting beliefs and unhelpful narratives, to create a life of abundance & gratitude.

Our Guarantee & 7-Day Trial

Signing up for Fearless Training is risk-free, because you get a 7-day free trial. And if you are unhappy with the program, we’ll give you a full refund of your last month’s payment, no questions asked.

The Fearless Team

We are committed to serving those we care deeply about through our meaningful work.


Creator of Zen Habits and the founder of Fearless Training. He’s devoted to this mission of uncertainty training and brings years of training in mindfulness and habitual patterns.

Train with us

You have gotten far despite your habitual patterns, and now it’s time to take the next step. We have created a powerful training program to help you shift to mindfulness, depth, openness and joy.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Using the “Manage My Account” link in the footer, you can cancel or edit your subscription anytime.

You can cancel anytime, and if you’d like a refund, simply email us at [email protected] to get a full refund of your last month’s charge. No explanation necessary. We stand behind our program.

We believe this program is powerful and want as many committed people to train in it as possible. So we offer a scholarship — if you can commit to the training. Apply here.

You can read in detail about the program in the About page.